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Photo detail of machine quilting

Magic Blankets

Around here, magic blankets are not something you can buy in a store.  You’ve got to know the right people. Back when our first baby was born, we took swaddling seriously (shout out to Harvey Karp, he’s spot on), but the things sold in stores as receiving blankets at that time were little better than oversized burp rags.  No exaggeration!… Read more →

Squeaky is as Squeaky does

Elinor’s blankie has occupied much of my knitting time this winter past.  It was an awesome take-anywhere project although that came back to kick me in the butt when all the blocks finally needed to be put together.  But once I decided on the crochet seaming, it took only 1-2 evenings with Masterpiece Theatre (Oliver Twist, I believe). I ended… Read more →

C’mon baby…

Baby #2’s Patchwork Blanket is done. Lion Brand Wool-Ease in 13 colors, held doubled.  Squares are crocheted together and the whole thing is finished off with a simple crochet border.  See the project’s Ravelry page for more details. What are you waiting for? We have a bed for you, a dresser full of clothes, and an enthusiastic big brother.  What… Read more →

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