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The Baby Surprise Jacket in Happy Fuzzy Yarn Superwash Sport

Surprise, Baby!

The Baby Surprise Jacket was the most fun thing I knit all year.  Bold statement considering we have three more months to go, but I’m sticking by it. This is probably one of the world’s most famous knitting patterns, first published by Elizabeth Zimmermann in 1968. The knitter just knits along, tracking some not-complicated increases and decreases, and when you… Read more →

Proof that Dr. G’s Memory Vest Makes People Happy

Mission accomplished! Being a goal-oriented person, I am pleased to have not only finished my husband’s Dr G’s Memory Vest (pattern by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops), but also to have accomplished my goal of knitting a sweater for each person in my immediate family this season. Except myself.  I am not neglecting myself.  I do not buy into… Read more →

Piedra Del Sol / Sunstone

In observance of Brigit, a poem (actually, part of a poem because this is a very long poem): Piedra del sol (Sunstone) by Octavio Paz I want to go on, to go further, and cannot: as each moment was dropping into another I dreamt the dreams of dreamless stones, and there at the end of the years like stones I… Read more →

Mental Note: Remember this Forever

This morning my almost-three-year-old daughter climbed into our bed, vaulting herself into that much coveted nook between mom and dad.  As she snuggled in deeper, she beamed at both of us and said: “You guys are my BEST FRIENDS … ever!” What a nice way to wake up in the morning! If you’re here for the knitting, rest assured I… Read more →


I am now into the yoke of the Spiral Yoke Sweater. I could be done (this is a theme, no?) if I weren’t distracted with some quickie knits here and there. For example, I made warmish socks for my skinny boy: These are knit in leftover bits of Lion Brand Wool-Ease for washability and warmth.  They may be only 20%… Read more →

Sleeve-Sweater Coupling Achieved!

At Knit Night last night I finally joined the sleeves (#2 and #4 for those who are counting) to my sweater body for the Spiral Yoke pullover.  Squeeeee!  I’d be knitting the yoke right now if I weren’t writing this. The big question is: Will it be ready for Hanukkah/Solstice/Christmas?  Stay tuned for further developments. My drawstring, lined bag sewing… Read more →

Back to reality

Good news first.  I took a picture of my swirl yoke in progress.  If you like tweed, prepare to drool… The second sleeve has been examined and found wanting. So I sat down today with all the coiless safety pins I could find and learned something dreadful about my second (third) sleeve. My increases in the second (third) sleeve are… Read more →

Swirl Yoke Pullover Adventure

We are in the midst of one of the most schedule-intense terms EVAH.  So intense that instead of being too busy to blog, I am hiding from my busy life by blogging.  And drinking too much tea. Hello! Do you like the new look?  I was being driven insane by the lovely but widget-less previous theme called Chaos. I think… Read more →

Gauge, you cruel mistress

Chickami is not working out.  The yarn I got specifically for this project, Elann Coto Canapone, is not knitting up at the advertised gauge for me, 19-20 sts/4 inches on US 5.  Instead I am getting 23 sts/4 inches on US 5 – and it is a good fabric that is not too firm or too loose so I don’t… Read more →

Watch where you stick that needle

Upon finishing (and yet not finishing) E.B.’s Owlet, I meant to move on to Z’s fall sweater, a simple rollneck pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple (#9730) using a multicolor stash of Mission Falls 1824 Wool that I scored at a Threadbear summer sale a few years ago. Yet, even this gorgeousness could not hold my attention. For starters, I… Read more →

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