Happy New Year!

I spent the last hour of 2011 trying to spend money on my business.  How about you?

For the self-employed, I cannot recommend this method of supply management.

I really hope I don’t regret my new business card design in the morning.

Now that it is after midnight and I am buzzed on caffeine (another bottle of new year’s champagne rests warm and unopened atop my fridge), I figure I have some time to burn before I will be able to sleep … and you know what I want to do?

This will mark me as a giant yarn nerd if nothing has so far.

I want to make a big pile of sock yarn on my dining room table.  I want to look at it all at once and dream about the things I will make in 2012.

Who’s with me?

I am thinking, for the first time ever, that maybe all my sock yarn won’t become socks.  Hmmm… hmmmm!

February socks

The personal sock club is the best idea I never had.  I am enjoying myself immensely, even if I am not quite keeping up.  I am only a bit behind in the knitting, albeit months behind in the sharing.

For the February pair I was delighted beyond words when my husband pulled the bag containing Berroco Sox Metallic in Curacao.  I bought this yarn last summer while vacationing in Boston.  Good times!  Love Boston.

I paired the yarn with the Charade pattern by Sandra Park.  I was unhappy with the pattern at first, thinking it fiddly and the fabric unyielding.  Once past the first leg, I got the pattern down and, after trying the unfinished sock on a few times, had to also admit that it actually was a good fabric, not floppy or stiff.

I like these socks a great deal.

The color is a bit of a change for me, blues and grays.

The one thing about these socks that I would leave behind is February.  Gray, dismal, wet, snowy, cold February is a burden on me more and more every year.

At least I will have some beautiful socks to keep me warm next year.

January socks

I have started one of those self-imposed sock clubs.  I picked twelve yarns from the stash, matched them to twelve sock patterns I had queued up, put it all in paper lunch bags, stapled the bags shut, and literally tossed them into my office closet.  I gave my husband the honor of choosing the first bag and he did a great job. He chose–at random–one of the yarn and pattern combos I was most excited about.

Finished this afternoon:

Pattern is Kalajoki by Finnish knitter Tiina Seppala, yarn is Malabrigo Sock.  Kalajoki is a river in Finland and the off-center pattern winds like a river down the leg and foot.  It was fun to knit an off-center pattern and the toes are anatomical, which I dreaded doing but turned out to be far less complicated than it sounds.

Next up, my husband picked another awesome yarn, Berroco Sox Metallic. Nothing like a little sparkle in dreary February.