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The Gift of Gift Knitting

It’s really no fun to read about how crummy someone’s vacation was so we won’t dwell on it.  I’ve only just recovered, psychologically, this week.  Farewell, 2013!  Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out! The BEST part of winter break, for me, this year was seeing how genuinely happy my husband and children were upon opening… Read more →

Oooo… Pretty!

Once upon a time there was an average 30-something mother of two who went to a Halloween party. M arrived and said, “Did you check your email today?  I have something in my trunk for you.” “No…” I fumbled for my schamncy new smartphone, trying to get to my email as I trailed behind M to her friend’s car. You… Read more →

Snow Day

The Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project is wrapping up in the next month.  The deadline on the OFA is December 15 (two more days!) but the Ravelry group lists in bold letters that the deadline has been extended until the first week of January. I am going with the extended deadline, otherwise there is no hope for me.… Read more →

The much anticipated results

I know you are all dying to know.  I know because you’ve asked. The needle blocking experiment was successful! Successful in that the scarf laid flat and the lace was open.  It was not a tight lace blocking but I didn’t think that was necessary for this little ditty.  My only concern is that the blocking will wear out over… Read more →

The Great Needle Blocking Experiment

Lace Ribbon is all done (details on Ravelry).  All done but for the blocking. So block it we must.  But what’s a gal to do with a big lace rectangle and no blocking wires? Luckily I have a jar full of 14″ knitting needles in all sizes.  I stuck to US 3 and under. I think this would have been… Read more →

Bumpy Road

Sorry to myself for not writing more.  I actually think about the blog every day but am usually up to my elbows in small children and mundane household needs.  I think the real kicker was Elinor started walking in December and now I am like a circus conductor with the 1 year old, 5 year old, 2 year old GSD,… Read more →


My Castonitis has gone critical. Here’s my latest symptom: Mitered mittens; pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman; yarn is Malabrigo.  What can I say?  My hands were cold Friday and Saturday.  By Sunday all arguments that I at least finish my scarf first–because I could use the leftover yarn and have matching accessories, a thing unheard of in this house–were broken down… Read more →

Endings and Beginnings

The green socks are DONE!  No small thanks to Charlotte who did half the knitting! It’s hard to catch these socks between feet and laundry and in fact I had to fish them from the top of the basket for this pic.  Zander loves them and immediately requested a new sweater.  I gladly put in the call to grandma who… Read more →


What is this? Crochet?!  Not just crochet but a giant granny square. Not just a giant crocheted granny square but I am watching Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s PBS series Knitting Workshop while I work on this!  The granddame of knitting – ha! Oh and I am breaking my no-TV resolution to boot!  Ha HA! And what happened to the Lace Ribbon?  Oh… Read more →


Urban Aran Cardi is DONE.  Okay, it needs a zipper and I need to bite the bullet and buy one online because it turns out that repeated visits to the big box craft store do not generate enough kismet to make the zipper style/color/length I need magically appear.  Fooey.  But when I sit down to knit, there’s no sweater to… Read more →

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