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“The Weed” by Elizabeth Bishop

It’s Imbolc or Brigid’s Day and Brigid was, among so many other things–saint or goddess, depending on who you ask–a patron of poets.  I love poetry so very much!  My future sister-in-law just finished a master’s degree in English Lit and for her thesis studied Elizabeth Bishop.  So I have been reading Bishop of late.  I am tickled that Bishop… Read more →

Piedra Del Sol / Sunstone

In observance of Brigit, a poem (actually, part of a poem because this is a very long poem): Piedra del sol (Sunstone) by Octavio Paz I want to go on, to go further, and cannot: as each moment was dropping into another I dreamt the dreams of dreamless stones, and there at the end of the years like stones I… Read more →

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