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Close-up of Abby's stocking

Dressing Up the Holidays

My brother, Noah, was the catalyst for the other holiday gift knitting experience. Last summer Noah asked me if I could secretly knit a pair of Christmas stockings for himself and his fiancée, Abby.  He likes the set of handknit colorwork stockings I made for my house.   These stockings are knit from Nancy Bush‘s pattern, Christmas in Tallinn, published… Read more →

Okay, So the Gift Knitting Wasn’t All Roses

I didn’t tell you the entire story of my holiday gift knitting in the last post. My parents and siblings decided this year to scrap the round robin of individual gifts in favor of the secret santa system — which wasn’t even secret, not that any of us heathens cared.  So you can imagine my relief when evil-me went from… Read more →

Endings and Beginnings

The green socks are DONE!  No small thanks to Charlotte who did half the knitting! It’s hard to catch these socks between feet and laundry and in fact I had to fish them from the top of the basket for this pic.  Zander loves them and immediately requested a new sweater.  I gladly put in the call to grandma who… Read more →

Bits and Pieces

I’ve reached that point of the holiday season when there is so much to do, holiday or otherwise, that I can’t keep track of it all and I know some things are time-sensitive and I end up so turned around that I don’t know what to do first and thus do nothing.  Thankfully, I’ve learned not to stress about it… Read more →

Where did I park my spaceship?

There would be more (and more recent) pictures in this post but I have had to hide my camera card reader from my son who thinks it is a spaceship — and now it is so well hidden that I cannot find it. The Urban Aran Cardigan for my husband’s birthday (January 2009) is now being sewn up.  This photo… Read more →

Nine hours and seven minutes

Today was one minute longer than yesterday. Here we are on the other side of the year’s longest night.  Yes, some of us, myself included, managed to stay up all night.  There was a tough time between about 5 and 6 am during a Wii Golf tournament when I thought I wasn’t going to make it.  We were pretty useless… Read more →

The Fall

I found my (first) beret pattern.  I was paging through patterns on Ravelry, found this one and I will look no further.  This is IT: Moss Stitch Beret A near second is Norah Gaughan’s Sunflower Tam.  But I would like something pretty basic for my first hat.  And don’t tweed and moss st belong together like PB & J? SE… Read more →

Kudos…and some stuff.

My site was down for a few days–apologies to those who were wondering what was going on.  My lifestyle is such that I am not hardwired to my computer so it took me a while to learn there was a problem (thanks to my friend, C, who emailed me repeatedly until something sunk into my pregnant brain).  The kudos are… Read more →

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