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Photo of two-color brioche knitting

I Brioched and I Loved It

I made my dad a hat for his birthday.  He is not into bright colors and energetic motifs.  I could have knit him a very plain watch cap, but I settled on an idea to spice it up, for my own sanity (?).  What might appear to the untrained eye, a very simple hat, is, in fact, two color brioche in… Read more →

Pat on the Head

Look what I did!  (Finally!) Lisa’s Beret from Through the Loops knit in Yarns of Distinction Licorice Twist. My first knit beret.  How come it took this long?  Love the stitch pattern, love the yarn.  My only complaint – because there’s always something – is that the 1×1 twisted rib on the brim has no grip so this hat is… Read more →

Snow Day

The Orphan Foundation of America Red Scarf Project is wrapping up in the next month.  The deadline on the OFA is December 15 (two more days!) but the Ravelry group lists in bold letters that the deadline has been extended until the first week of January. I am going with the extended deadline, otherwise there is no hope for me.… Read more →

Bits and Pieces

I’ve reached that point of the holiday season when there is so much to do, holiday or otherwise, that I can’t keep track of it all and I know some things are time-sensitive and I end up so turned around that I don’t know what to do first and thus do nothing.  Thankfully, I’ve learned not to stress about it… Read more →

A hat is a hat by any other name

I started Toasty Topper last night and knit away until my hands were sore and creaky.  No good.  I only made it past the the crown shaping.  Turns out that Cascade 220 is not a good substitute for me for this pattern.  It’s made on US 8 with yarn held doubled.  I can control my tension somewhat, but even with… Read more →

The Urban Aran Cardigan warms yet another body

IT IS FINISHED! After swearing up and down and back and forth that last night was the night that I was going to go to bed early (ie, on time), I sat down for an hour to sew some more on the zipper of Matt’s Urban Aran Cardigan. Wait, back up. On Thanksgiving, Matt drove us to my parents’ house… Read more →

Now Dreaming…

Darlings, it has been a mad, mad summer.  I desperately await the day, a month from now, when my little-big boy will leave the bosom of our family and begin his first day of preschool.  I will probably cry because I am sentimental that way but it will be relief all around because he’s smart and social and needs the… Read more →

I tried to be selfish

After finishing the baby knits and most of a sweater sleeve last week, I tried selfish knitting but found all my parts are too swollen to accurately measure or try things on which suddenly sucked all the joy out of that idea.  Jaywalkers continue to hold.  They still look a lot like this, just longer: Yeah, I’m STILL pregnant.  If… Read more →


It started with talk of a baby hat for Matt’s co-worker, who is due to have her first child in less than a week.  I wanted to do a simple baby hat to tuck into the gift package.  In looking up head circumferences, I saw a sketch of one of those hats with two points and tassles – you know… Read more →

Inspired by babies, part 2

Urban Aran Cardi quick update: I can knit about a skein per day if I focus on it, which isn’t happening although I often come close.  A skein a day doesn’t sound bad but this will take about 20 skeins.  20 days.  Except more than that. I am about to start my third skein, sigh.  Now my mental goal is… Read more →

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