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Photo of chain-plied Kauni pencil roving

Spin the Rainbow

I can finally do an acceptable chain ply (aka navajo ply) without tying myself in knots as I become a human crochet hook. This Kauni pencil roving, gifted to me by a friend, became this chain ply: I got about 216 yards.  It’s probably worsted weight, but I never really know until I start knitting it up. This yarn is a bit… Read more →

Picture of a small skein of woolen spun Cormo

Spinzilla was a blast!

If knitting in public isn’t weird enough for you, you should take up spinning. What I learned from Spinzilla last week was that spinners are, on the whole, a very happy bunch of people. We like to get together and ogle each other’s fiber, wheels, spindles, kates, niddy noddies, and freshly made yarn.  We encourage.  We help.  We teach.  We skip tea… Read more →

Photo of a soft, fluffy pile of cormo pencil roving

Reflecting on My Summer Spinning Ramage

My summer of family fun was also filled with lots of spinning.  I was just in the mood for it and enjoying myself immensely. First up was “Frothy,” a delicious, pink blend of Cormo, Border Leicester, Coopworth, and silk from Fiber Trends that I finished plying in early June. “Frothy” called to me in the depths of winter and although… Read more →

From my needles to yours

This mistake rib cowl was my comfort project of the winter of 2010-11.  I made the first one with some precious bulky weight handspun merino from my friend Jenny, which she and I later dyed a deep deep emerald green. Mmmmmm…  I love this color, love this cowl. I loved it so much I couldn’t stop there.  This one is… Read more →

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