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And then there were two

There is some kind of Murphy’s Law at play here. After years of window shopping and sighing over rigid heddle looms of any size — anything bigger than an inkle loom — a week after I learn how to string my new TIA, my mom (whom I speak to by phone every day and is intimately acquainted with my every… Read more →


Jenny, Chloe, and I went to the 4th annual Ann Arbor Fiber Expo this past Sunday.  My first time out there despite it being but a short jaunt to the other side of our fair but wee city.  Past attempts have been foiled by family plans and the like but this year I was all selfishness. What’s a good fiber… Read more →

Thank you!

Elinor received many hand made gifts of incredible beauty from friends and family.  Here they are. Crochet blanket from Grandma Carol: Knit Pinwheel blanket from Grandma Marilyn: Quilt from Jenny S: Knit bib from Charlotte: Knit beret from Julie: Jenny also gave me a precious skein of hand-dyed, handspun yarn: 57 grams of bulky weight plummy goodness (the color of… Read more →

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