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The Great Needle Blocking Experiment

Lace Ribbon is all done (details on Ravelry).  All done but for the blocking. So block it we must.  But what’s a gal to do with a big lace rectangle and no blocking wires? Luckily I have a jar full of 14″ knitting needles in all sizes.  I stuck to US 3 and under. I think this would have been… Read more →

Endings and Beginnings

The green socks are DONE!  No small thanks to Charlotte who did half the knitting! It’s hard to catch these socks between feet and laundry and in fact I had to fish them from the top of the basket for this pic.  Zander loves them and immediately requested a new sweater.  I gladly put in the call to grandma who… Read more →

The Urban Aran Cardigan warms yet another body

IT IS FINISHED! After swearing up and down and back and forth that last night was the night that I was going to go to bed early (ie, on time), I sat down for an hour to sew some more on the zipper of Matt’s Urban Aran Cardigan. Wait, back up. On Thanksgiving, Matt drove us to my parents’ house… Read more →


Urban Aran Cardi is DONE.  Okay, it needs a zipper and I need to bite the bullet and buy one online because it turns out that repeated visits to the big box craft store do not generate enough kismet to make the zipper style/color/length I need magically appear.  Fooey.  But when I sit down to knit, there’s no sweater to… Read more →

Back from the dead

I had the flu this week.  Hamthrax.  Porcine pox.  THE flu.  H1N1.  AKA swine flu.  (Why does the official name sound like a score to me?  Humans: 1…) I was struck down less than 24 hours after my last post — I hope I didn’t get any of you sick.  I am not totally healthy today but what a difference… Read more →


Jenny, Chloe, and I went to the 4th annual Ann Arbor Fiber Expo this past Sunday.  My first time out there despite it being but a short jaunt to the other side of our fair but wee city.  Past attempts have been foiled by family plans and the like but this year I was all selfishness. What’s a good fiber… Read more →

Taaaaaaaa DAH!

Chloe‘s Batita is DONE.  She arrived one week early in late July and days later I got sick, then got better, got a job, quit the job (did I tell you I quit that teaching job?  Yeah.  Sometimes life’s too real), finally did some knitting after two months off and top of my list was this baby jacket, my second… Read more →

Stayin’ Cool, Playin’ Hookey

I wish I could use a little bit of my superpowers to keep this blog up more regularly.  Just sayin’.  No regrets and no apologies.  And I’m not giving up.  It is what it is for the summer.  In the fall, Zander will go to preschool and I might have five minutes of quiet strung together.  I’ve started writing my… Read more →

Rains and pours

First it was the weather, raining raining raining last month, drowning my yard. Then it was work, of which I shall not complain, but I went from nothing to three jobs (more really, but only three are paid) in a week.  Work is good, I keep telling myself.  Work is money. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting to write here about… Read more →

Another meatless blog post

Wow!  How cool is it that — by the powers of the internets (He-Man anyone?) — Rhichard of the family behind Koigu yarn found me and commented on my last post?!  He even mentions his Oma and that’s gotta be good luck or something. You should go read the comment.  I’ll wait… Thanks for stopping by Rhichard!  And hello as… Read more →

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