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Seed starting, maple sugaring, and hope for the end of the season of slush

We tapped out maple tree a week ago.   It cost us $4 for the tap; the jar and spare wire were found around the house.  Talk about Yankee frugality!  I have done a bit of reading and talked to people who do this more seriously and I know my one little tap is not going to give me much,… Read more →

Vegetal Dreams

To the uninitiated, this would seem an odd time to talk about the garden, but for those with the itch, this is our hidden season.  The one full of seed catalogs and vegetal dreams and grandiose plans. First of all: this balmy “winter” made it possible for me to finish bagging my 58th through 65th bags of leaves in mid-December,… Read more →

First thoughts

I didn’t plan a six month hiatus and I’ve just realized that my absence here coincides with a big project I was working on that involved me reading about a novel a week.  Intense but can’t complain. My garden was a joke this year. The worst it has been since I took it up in a serious way about six… Read more →

Bits and Pieces

I’ve reached that point of the holiday season when there is so much to do, holiday or otherwise, that I can’t keep track of it all and I know some things are time-sensitive and I end up so turned around that I don’t know what to do first and thus do nothing.  Thankfully, I’ve learned not to stress about it… Read more →

Life is what happens

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month.  That word, “nearly,” is an important distinction, like I am making it in before some unwritten deadline.  A month. Anyway. I am typing one handed while the baby coos and ogles some red and yellow fish on one of her blankets.  Zander is playing with a keychain that makes fart noises. … Read more →

Rains and pours

First it was the weather, raining raining raining last month, drowning my yard. Then it was work, of which I shall not complain, but I went from nothing to three jobs (more really, but only three are paid) in a week.  Work is good, I keep telling myself.  Work is money. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting to write here about… Read more →

Another meatless blog post

Wow!  How cool is it that — by the powers of the internets (He-Man anyone?) — Rhichard of the family behind Koigu yarn found me and commented on my last post?!  He even mentions his Oma and that’s gotta be good luck or something. You should go read the comment.  I’ll wait… Thanks for stopping by Rhichard!  And hello as… Read more →

And then there were four

Elinor finally arrived on March 18.  Labor was fast and intense but over with in time for breakfast, which I heartily enjoyed – and no heartburn! We are floating through our postpartum period, enjoying the weather, which is mostly Spring-ish.  I’ve been planting seeds and working on Matt’s Urban Aran Cardi, which has one back and one-and-a-half sleeves.  Sadly I… Read more →


I found the booties yesterday.  In a basket of yarn so no harm done, eh? Pattern is Saartje’s Booties, yarn is handdyed Knit Picks sock yarn from a few years back.  It is leftover from a pair of socks I made for my sister.  I think it is superwash but we shan’t take any chances. I have some white buttons… Read more →

A long winter’s nap

This post is not about knitting.  One of my purposes in naming this site Entangled was that I cannot easily compartmentalize my life.  Things overlap and tangle together.  Knitting will be my mainstay here but I will not stop other bits from creeping in. This one is about gardening, which I am as passionate about as knitting.  I’ve only been… Read more →

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