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Urban Aran Cardi is DONE.  Okay, it needs a zipper and I need to bite the bullet and buy one online because it turns out that repeated visits to the big box craft store do not generate enough kismet to make the zipper style/color/length I need magically appear.  Fooey.  But when I sit down to knit, there’s no sweater to… Read more →


Jenny, Chloe, and I went to the 4th annual Ann Arbor Fiber Expo this past Sunday.  My first time out there despite it being but a short jaunt to the other side of our fair but wee city.  Past attempts have been foiled by family plans and the like but this year I was all selfishness. What’s a good fiber… Read more →

Umm…Can I Buy a Vowel?

Two days after my last post I got a new job, thanks to word of mouth passed on to me by my friend Charlotte (of the comments)–a job that changed everything.  I’m teaching a class at the nearby community college, which is both a dream and a nightmare.  It’s a job–yey!–and I tried to get this job a few years… Read more →

Now Dreaming…

Darlings, it has been a mad, mad summer.  I desperately await the day, a month from now, when my little-big boy will leave the bosom of our family and begin his first day of preschool.  I will probably cry because I am sentimental that way but it will be relief all around because he’s smart and social and needs the… Read more →

Stayin’ Cool, Playin’ Hookey

I wish I could use a little bit of my superpowers to keep this blog up more regularly.  Just sayin’.  No regrets and no apologies.  And I’m not giving up.  It is what it is for the summer.  In the fall, Zander will go to preschool and I might have five minutes of quiet strung together.  I’ve started writing my… Read more →

For the children

I’m not sure I ever wrote here about the socks I made Zander for Solstice.  That would be because our GSD puppy chewed a hole in the heel 24 hours after I finished them and put them on Zander’s feet (he loved them and wouldn’t take them off).  This also happened on my husband’s birthday, 5 minutes before he walked… Read more →

Life is what happens

I cannot believe it has been nearly a month.  That word, “nearly,” is an important distinction, like I am making it in before some unwritten deadline.  A month. Anyway. I am typing one handed while the baby coos and ogles some red and yellow fish on one of her blankets.  Zander is playing with a keychain that makes fart noises. … Read more →

Rains and pours

First it was the weather, raining raining raining last month, drowning my yard. Then it was work, of which I shall not complain, but I went from nothing to three jobs (more really, but only three are paid) in a week.  Work is good, I keep telling myself.  Work is money. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting to write here about… Read more →

And then there were four

Elinor finally arrived on March 18.  Labor was fast and intense but over with in time for breakfast, which I heartily enjoyed – and no heartburn! We are floating through our postpartum period, enjoying the weather, which is mostly Spring-ish.  I’ve been planting seeds and working on Matt’s Urban Aran Cardi, which has one back and one-and-a-half sleeves.  Sadly I… Read more →

Gauge Bites. Hard.

Well. Let’s get the big news out of the way: The Urban Aran Cardi isn’t done.  Besides having some fantastic excuses mostly related to late-pregnancy mental and physical health, there now appears to be a gauge problem.  Nothing quite kills the knitting mojo like second-guessing the finished product.  This came up Thursday evening.  Although I got gauge per the pattern… Read more →

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