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Wow!  How cool is it that — by the powers of the internets (He-Man anyone?) — Rhichard of the family behind Koigu yarn found me and commented on my last post?!  He even mentions his Oma and that’s gotta be good luck or something. You should go read the comment.  I’ll wait…

Thanks for stopping by Rhichard!  And hello as well to new reader/commenter JessaLu who recently had a Tax Day contest over at her blog which I totally LOST but that’s okay because this means the universe still believes I have enough yarn in my house (which I why I just bought some half-off orphan skeins of Reynolds Soft Sea Wool and Louet Gems sportweight.  I know!  I just went to the yarn store to buy a birthday present but these were on clearance and I could justify them.  I promise, I had pangs of conscience the entire time.  On the upside, I have spent enough money at this yarn store to qualify for their buyers’ program discount twice over.  Who knew?)

If you haven’t tried it, by the way, Reynolds Soft Sea Wool is awesome for making comfy socks.  Sproing!  Sportweight so you know they knit up twice as fast and something about the yarn and the twist make these extra cushy.  I made these socks for Matt with SSW and it is the only yarn for which he has asked for a repeat.  Downside to SSW for socks – they are not superwash so regular wool rules apply and therefore this is not a good yarn for gift socks to people who are not fiber enthusiasts.

Of Louet Gems, let me wax rhapsodic.  Thy smooth texture, thy rainbow of SOLID colors, thy superwashedness, thy affordable price point…!  O!


Things continue to grow over here, slowly, inexorably…

Urban Aran Cardi…


The onions got a haircut a few days ago to encourage stronger root development.  I think I will transplant them soon.  If by “soon”, you mean “before July.”  Life with a newborn moves in slow motion.


Zauberball sock…

Surgery complete.  I cut the yarn at the knot and took out the errant chunk of purple so that the pattern would continue back to orange like it is supposed to.  Maybe the knot was the universe looking out for me?  Because if you look back at the photo in the previous post about this sock, I forgot to turn my heel!  Yep, I went straight from the heel flap to the gussets.  How many times have I done this since I took up sock knitting?  I refuse to admit.  This would have necessitated ripping anyway so in a perverse sort of way, I solved two problems at once.

My union break is over and the slavering hordes descend upon me for attention.  ‘Til next time!

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  1. April 23, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Thanks for the welcome! ;o) Margene totally stacked the deck in her favor on that contest, hehe

    Lovely yarn – that sock looks so cool, love the color changes!

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